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dc.contributor.authorElisabeth, Jenny
dc.description.abstractThis research aims to determine chemical compositions and characteristics of pumpkin seed oils (PSO) in comparison with the characteristics of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and palm olein. The results showed pumpkin seed oil has high unsaturated fatty acid (81.70%) with major fatty acid was linoleic acid (47.80%), extra virgin olive oil has oleic acid 77.70% and palm olein rich palmitate acid 37.20%. Chemical characteristics of PSO, EVOO and palm oil show such as iodine value were 111.74 g I2 / 100g, 76.85 g I2 / 100g and 59.34 g I2 / 100g. Total phenolic content were 58.27 mg gallic acid equivalent / g oil, 176.09 mg gallic acid equivalent / g oil and 117.10 mg gallic acid equivalent / g oil. Total tocopherol were 240.18 µg/g oil, 459.07 µg/g oil and 559.78 µg/g oil. Antioxidant activity were 35.50%, 51.83% and 73.30%. Pumpkin seed oil has good oxidation stability to be utilized in the food industry, high unsaturated fatty acids and tocopherol is ability to using in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and other industrial application.en_US
dc.publisherIOP Publishingen_US
dc.titleA Comparison Studies on the Chemical Characteristics of Pumpkin Seed Oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Palm Oleinen_US

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