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dc.contributor.authorNasution, Amelira Haris
dc.description.abstractDuring the pandemic, monstera was a booming floriculture which had a high selling price. Then, it became interesting and became a question when Monstera was not as hype as before. How do consumers see this? Because, one of the psychological factors such as emotions, personality and situational factors that influence consumers to buy products or services impulsively are no longer influential. And it becomes a question, how much was the willingness to pay for this monstera during normal times. This research was conducted online by distributing questionnaires on social media such as Facebook and Instagram as well as whatsapp and telegram for 1 month in Medan City, North Sumatera. This research was descriptive research. This research used primary data obtained from direct observations and questionnaires by monstera plant owners. Secondary data was obtained from literature book and articles as well as related to floriculture, especially monstera. The sampling method used quota sampling of 30 respondents. The Data was collected by online-based questionnaire (Qualtrics) used list of questions which had been prepared to find out the WTP of the owner (consumer/lovers) of the monstera by utilizing the bidding game system and open-ended questions in formulating the price, that respondents are willing to pay. The WTP analysis method was used the CVM (Contingent Valuation Method) on Microsoft Excel 2010 software. The results showed that the bidding games method was chosen as the method used to estimate the WTP value on Monstera adansonii and monstera obliqua. The average willingness of respondents to pay for Monstera adansonii is Rp. 34,017 for a medium size and Rp. 31,463 for a medium-sized monstera obliqua. Meanwhile, the optimal price for the bidding game method for Monstera adansonii is IDR 38,829.27 and IDR 35,044.44 for monstera obliqua.en_US
dc.publisherJurnal Pertanian Agrosen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol. 25;No. 3
dc.subjectbidding gamesen_US
dc.subjectwillingness to payen_US
dc.titleWillingness to Pay Tanaman Hias Monstera (Monstera Adansonii dan Monstera Obliqua) Pasca Pandemien_US

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